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Digital rendering of neck piece. Inspired by endotracheal intubation and the fusing of biological material and synthetic. I am intrigued by medical procedures that alter the human form and wanted to manifest that intrigue into a scupltural neck piece.



collaboration with 3D artist Adrian Campos
design Engineering by Patrick Delorey
digital Rendering by Patrick Lewtschanyn 


The collection grew from my fascination with embryonic development and bacterial forms. By researching textures found in bacteria and anatomy I was able to create pieces with strong three dimensional elements. Inspired by microscopic scans of cancer cells and cellular membranes.



Photos by Nestor Levias, Michael Canavan, Escalante, Patrick Lewtschanyn

Models: Agga.B, Joni Dobrov, Heather Kuzmich, Bo Matthew Metz, Zao

Makeup: Andrea Samuels, Sara Saltanovitz

Topography Dress


Insired by topographic images of landscapes. The creation of shapes through elevating materials was achieved by gradually cutting down multiple layers of felt and stacking each piece on top of the next.



Photos by Patrick Lewtschanyn, Escalante

Models: Joni Dobrov

Makeup: Andrea Samuels


Winged Warrior Ensemble

This ensemble was inspired by the structure of  bird wings and native american costume.



Photos by Nestor Levias

Models: Myong McLaughin

Makeup: Nestor Levias




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